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 George Clooney Aficionados News 13 October 2016

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George Clooney Aficionados News 13 October 2016 Empty
PostSubject: George Clooney Aficionados News 13 October 2016   George Clooney Aficionados News 13 October 2016 Icon_minitimeThu Oct 13, 2016 12:05 pm

George Clooney’s human rights lawyer wife Amal Clooney nearly caused an international incident at the Iraqi UN Mission of Iraq in Manhattan when she lectured the ambassador on ISIS and showed up with an unauthorized camera crew, The Post has learned.

** Amal does not have the experience or qualifications she is a jnr lawyer who has even been told off by a judge for her work. Amal needs to work on her diplimatic skills or better still just get some. It isn't the first time Amal has been called rude she certainly across as an obnoxious know it all when in reality the only really smart thing she has done is get George Clooney to marry her and spend his money like water. Meanwhile the once respected  George is now just a joke everyone knows this is a PR marriage if George was smart he would cut his losses and get divorced which would be the smartest thing he would ever do. The Clooney for Justice Project what a joke they get a check for nearly a million then George and Amal spend $30 million for yet another home.

Thanks to Henway for the story and for The Post calling out Amal Clooney for what she really is.

Story in George Clooney The Marriage


We have some grainy pictures of George Clooney working on the set of Suburbicon with Matt Damon oddly they aren't as clear as the shots we got when Amal with a dog in tow visited George on set of course her outfit was designer and worth nearly a grand it looked stupid and inapropriate and the dog seemed to disappear cause you know it's all about Amal. George showed as much interest in her as usual which isn't much. So does Amal walk around with her own pap? She took an unauthorised media crew to the UN with her it does explain why we get all these pap shots of her. Amal wants to be a fashionista is only she had some actual dress sense and class.

Pictures in George Clooney Films/Projects


Remember when Amal Clooney was supposed to come to Australia to speak at an event one in Sydney the other in Melbourne for just $2,000 plus you could actually meet and get a picture with Amal. She cancelled saying she had to be at the Hague oddly enough she was at LAX on the 10 the day she was supposed to be in Oz. So just another fib the reality is more likely us Aussie refused to pay such a stupid amount of money to meet a woman whose only real claim to fame is marrying George Clooney cause lawyer wise and human rights wise she hasn't done very much at all.

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George Clooney Aficionados News 13 October 2016
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