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 George Clooney Aficionados News 25 November 2015

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George Clooney Aficionados News 25 November 2015 Empty
PostSubject: George Clooney Aficionados News 25 November 2015   George Clooney Aficionados News 25 November 2015 Icon_minitimeWed Nov 25, 2015 11:21 am

George Clooneys Tomorrowland makes the list of flops of 2015 but hey at least it isn't number one that honour goes to Aloha starring Bradley Cooper.

Article and full list in George Clooney Films


Still talking about Amal Clooney not wanting to wear her very expensive engagement ring to work. Instead she wants another cheaper and smaller. Of course she could just not wear any engagement ring and just wear her wedding ring, but it seems the brilliant lawyer isn't that bright. Besides Amal rarely works these days at all and when she does she also wears very expensive outfits costing thousands and thousands and then there are or designer handbags.

Story and much discussion and laughter in George Clooney The Marriage


An article takes a look at George Clooneys lovelife before Amal Clooney. Hand up who thinks Amal will be on this list of exes within a couple of years if not sooner?

Talking about it in George Clooney The Marriage


George Clooney divorce rumours this time because of a picture of George kissing Noah Wylie 10 years ago and of course people are saying Amal isn't wearing her engagement ring because they will be divorcing. This is what happens when for some reason you actually promote the fact you won't be wearing your expensive engagement ring and suddenly become very unpap friendly. Of course this could be part of Amals PR change of image which is failing big time. No one believes Amal has suddenly become concerned with people perception of her. If she was she would be doing some real charity work and actually giving money instead of just spending it on herself. Mind you no one buys she is a lawyer these let alone a brilliant one.

Discussion in George Clooney The Marriage


Happy Thanksgiving to Our American Friends.


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George Clooney Aficionados News 25 November 2015
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