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 George Clooney Aficionados News 2 May 2015

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George Clooney Aficionados News 2 May 2015 Empty
PostSubject: George Clooney Aficionados News 2 May 2015   George Clooney Aficionados News 2 May 2015 Icon_minitimeSat May 02, 2015 12:41 pm

George Clooney and his father in law were involved in a minor car accident in New York. Both are unhurt but the poor car has a little dent.

Story in George Clooney The Marriage


Amal Clooneys mother Baria Alamuddin is clearly the one pushing Amal and now daughter Tala on us all. Seriously Tala is a fashionista as about as much as Amal is? (One wears a pubic hair top, the other loves bags shaped like soda cups and grass) Both girls overdress, wear dead animals and skirts way too short. Baria is a publicist so we guess we know who is arranging all these almost daily pap shots of Amal Clooney who is a very willing participant. Both need to be told George Clooney is the actual celebrity Amal is really just his wife who sometimes plays lawyer these days she seems far more interested in shopping and wearing stupidly expensive clothes. So much for George's well crafted image. Will we be getting a reality show? How about 2 girls using ones celebrity husband for attention and money? Should be a ratings killer the marriage is an image killer already.

Baria's creative stories and pictures of her fashionista daughter which is laughable in George Clooney The Marriage


Talking of Amal Clooneys sister Tala she had a bit of a fall while exiting the restaurant it's what happens when you put fashion over practicality. They aren't even nice shoes which makes it even sadder but they do cost nearly $800 and in their world that means they must be good. Tala was unhurt don't know about the shoes.

Story and pictures in George Clooney The Marriage


George Clooney and Amal plans for a timber framed "River House" have been rejected by the council they must submit a new plan. Also complaints about the fence from a local environmental group who care more for the river then the new house owners do. But it looks like they will get aproval for the other changes they have requested. So have George and Amal gotten special treatment? Some locals believe so with it taking sometimes years to get aproval even for repairs!

Story in George Clooney Houses


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George Clooney Aficionados News 2 May 2015
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